Animal Crossing #53 - Abominidible Availidible!

February 15, 2019

Some of the best leafs in life are free. This week #PocketPod gets mirthful in honor of #GalentinesDay. We dream suite about becoming bartering bellionaires in #AnimalCrossing Apocolypse, we get tight with our favorite yeti, and stumble over wintry words. Borora Aurealis!


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Animal Crossing #52- Morning JoeyBoey, with Leesh! Rar!

February 9, 2019

Top o' the Muffin to you, dear listeners! #PocketPod is here for an extra-long episode. This week, we reveal our #AnimalCrossing best... friends? We chat choco-lottery, scroll on down the road, and meet PomPon Trudy Judy! Don't mex with Tex's... clothes!


Animal Crossing #51- Me Likey the Lychee

February 1, 2019

Hey there, great grape friends! The #AnimalCrossing #PocketCamp 2.1.0 update caught #PocketPod by storm this week. For Puck's face, there was a lot of new stuff to discuss! So, join us for a fun-filled "What's New, Pussy Cat" heavy episode.


Animal Crossing #50 - Bupa di Beppe

January 25, 2019

This week, #PocketPod celebrates show #50 and phlegm season in late Stupiduary! We dream suite big of a sweet suite of hot cocoa amenities and dream up #AnimalCrossing #Apocalypse. Hey, which came first, the Beppe or the egg? Put that in your cramper!


Animal Crossing #49 - Hamster Knip Cat

January 18, 2019

This week on #PocketPod #AnimalCrossing, you're a magician, Jerry! Join us as we get stuck in an early Groundhog Day fashion loop, slap on our Maroon 5 Hiking Boops, and delight over the dedicated bellionaire Granny playing #NewLeaf. We're Audi 5000!


Animal Crossing #48 - Nordie the Blue-Faced Yeti

January 11, 2019

We're getting ready, early, for the Rar-ing twenties and we've got high hopes! This week on #PocketPod #AnimalCrossing, whatever we touch turns to snow in our clutch-es, we wish a happy 231st birthday to our honorary state, and we dream big of toilets.


Animal Crossing #47 - Dapper Doohickeys

January 5, 2019

Happy New Year, Campers! #PocketPod is starting the year off with a full episode of #AnimalCrossing chili cook-off dreams, creature name confusion, and supermarket sweep nostalgia! We even invited a special guest to tell us why #47 is the best episode.


Animal Crossing Special #7: Fun for Every Girl and Boy Day

December 31, 2018

We have a New Year's Eve treat for you! It's Toy Day in #AnimalCrossing #CityFolk and #PocketPod is searching for Jingle and building a perfect snowman. Join us for a snowy adventure in Botown.

Watch the full recording here:


Animal Crossing Special #6: Nobody Needs to Get Hurt

December 28, 2018

It's the Harvest Festival in #AnimalCrossing #CityFolk and Franklin is an absolute wreck! Join #PocketPod as we collect cutlery to save him in the first of a two-part Holiday Edition Let's Play.

Watch the full recording here:


Animal Crossing #46 - So Much to Stew

December 21, 2018

Happy 1st Anniversary, #PocketPod! This week, we celebrate a year of podcasting #AnimalCrossing #PocketCamp with a surprise in correction creek. We say play reindeer games with our dear new deer friend. And we learn why leesh is not wearing any pants.